• Toyota PI World customer story

    Imagine a world in which you could drive a car, knowing it will have zero CO2 impact throughout its entire lifecycle. The plant producing the car utilizes the least amount of energy possible, and the energy it does use comes from renewable sources. The car likewise runs on renewable energy until the end of its life, when it will be recycled, leaving the world with a zero-carbon footprint. This is the kind of world Toyota has been imagining. Recently, Toyota Motor Europe began relying on real-time operational data to enable energy management as part of a project called Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050. Toyota is using OSIsoft’s PI System to gather and process the data it needs to understand its energy usage so it can lead the automotive industry’s transition toward an environmentally sustainable future.
    Year: 2019

    Sabesp PI World San Francisco customer story

    In 2015, the São Paulo region of Brazil faced a massive water crisis that left many of the area’s largest reservoirs nearly bone dry. Sabesp, a Brazilian water and waste management company owned by the state of São Paulo, manages the water distribution and sewage collection and treatment for over half the cities in the state. During the crisis, customers overwhelmed Sabesp's call centers, demanding information about water supply and water levels in the reservoirs. The volume of customer inquiries crowded out crucial communications about operations as Sabesp scrambled to maintain service. Following the crisis, Sabesp partnered with Stefanini, a Brazillian data processing and consulting firm, to develop a stable and reliable environment using the PI System to better manage their operations. “We make daily efforts to minimize water shortage. Because Sabesp understands that regularity in water supply increases people´s life quality and health,” said Silvana Franco, Manager of Supply Control at Sabesp, during PI World San Francisco 2019.
    Year: 2019

    Liberty Ostrava PI World customer story

    Liberty Ostrava (formerly ArcelorMittal Ostrava) is a steel manufacturing company located in the Czech Republic. Liberty Ostrava is a complete industrial plant, creating and running everything required in the steel manufacturing process, from the power needed to run the plant to milling and refining. Its extensive facilities include a coke plant, blast furnaces, steel casting plant, various kinds of steel mills, power plants, laboratories, and foundries. Despite the complexity of its data needs, its disparate systems were disconnected. “Unfortunately in the past, each plant developed their own system. So you can find several applications, in several different environments, run on several different kinds of hardware. It was a mishmash,” said Radim Lužný, Head of MES at Liberty Ostrava, during PI World Gothenburg 2019. “My task since 2015 was to unify the system as much as possible.” ...
    Year: 2019

    OSIsoft Launches Cloud-native Services Platform

    For many years now, ARC Advisory Research has shown that OSIsoft is the clear market leader in plant historians and data platform technology for the operational world. It’s nice to see that the company is not resting on its laurels and continues to innovate to enable industrial organizations to gain increasing value from their data. With its latest offering, OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS), the company has launched a cloudnative platform-as-a-service (PaaS) strategy that incorporates a secure industrial data infrastructure for on-premise, edge, and cloud.
    Year: 2019

    Plains Midstream Canada

    Plains Midstream Canada Streamlining Plains Midstream's Data: The PI System Provides Organization & Accessibility Plains Midstream Canada, a subsidiary of Plains All American Pipelines, provides crude oil storage and transportation in Canada and natural gas liquids (NGL) fractionation, storage, and transp ...