MindSphere for Offshore

by Siemens AS

Scalable digitalization platform for the offshore industry.

Solution Overview

The offshore industry has the past years been facing challenging times because of the low oil price. This has forced the business to think in new ways. There are several ways to cut cost, but the quickest way is to reduce manning on the facilities, and try to centralize expertise instead of having experts on every location. To be able to achieve this, digitalization is the key. We start by addressing some of the well-known challenges of information management systems. Our system must be able to collect data from multiple sources. We need to avoid polled data that give us large amounts of duplicate data, and miss the important data outside the poll interval. We need all the Meta data of the equipment; including units, limits, service descriptions etc. We need to take advantage of all the collected data in condition and performance monitoring. We need to have a quick way of configuring it without too much manual work. All of these challenges and more were taken into account when developing the MindSphere for Offshore solution.

Siemens is working on helping our customers to go from a costly maintenance model of either preventive or reactive maintenance to a predictive maintenance based on condition and performance monitoring. A lot of field work can now be replaced by smart applications that give notifications whenever maintenance is required. Customers can benefit from higher uptime and lower manning in field and run the maintenance in campaigns. The applications can also help to optimize the process by comparing information from the simulated data and the real time process data from the plant.

Solution Approach

MindSphere for Offshore is a fully scalable digitalization platform from the Siemens Oil Gas Division. The solution is fit for a wide range of installations; from fishing boats to large companies with onshore operations center controlling multiple platforms. The solution has four main components: gateway, historian, analytics and dashboard. The gateway can connect to several generations of control systems and third party systems for collecting data. The OSIsoft PI System will hold high resolution event based plant data for the life time of the plant. Analytics will do condition and performance monitoring of equipment using R-scripts and alarm/maintenance/production/safety-reporting. The dashboard features live trending, process pictures, dashboards, KPI displays, playback and much more. The solution can be used either as a local only solution or a cloud based solution. MindSphere for Offshore can be installed in many different variations based on plant size, complexity and customers’ existing infrastructure. There are multiple options for redundancy, high availability, replication, and cloud solutions. Some plants utilize the full MindSphere for Offshore solution with condition monitoring and dashboards, while other solution only has the historian and use the cloud for analysis. All servers in MindSphere for Offshore can run as either virtual machines or physical server.



  • Responsive HTML5 interface working on all devices, from desktop computer to mobile phones, tablets and large screen displays.
  • Asset hierarchy with the possibility to dig down into the details to check the health of your equipment.
  • Integration of data from multiple sources in one place. Event based data with data resolution fit for purpose.


  • Move from expensive preventive and reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance.
  • Gives an overview of all assets of the plant, with easy search for finding what you are looking for.
  • Template based condition and performance monitoring, making it possible to configure surveillance of several thousand assets.

PI System Requirements

Powered by OSIsoft PI System

Solution Type



  • Oil & Gas


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